Tub and shower manufacturer Lasco Bathware said it has invested in substantial upgrades to its production facilities across the country to comply with new standards from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding styrene emissions.

Under the new standard, which went into effect April 21, companies that make composite plastic products that utilize styrene or other EPA-designated Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) must take steps to capture 95% of the pollutants emitted during the manufacturing process.

At Lasco Bathware, the captured styrene is burned and used as a fuel source, reducing the plant’s reliance on other sources of energy. The plant improvements enable it to continue using the optimal amount of styrene in its manufacturing processes, which adds to the strength, durability and quality of the products, the company said.

The upgrades were made to its plants in Moapa, NV; Cordele, GA; Elizabethtown, PA; Lancaster, TX; South Boston, VA; Three Rivers, MI; Yelm, WA; and at its headquarters in Anaheim, CA.