As of April, eight toilets from Kohler Co. have earned the EPA’s WaterSense label for products that encourage water efficiency.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is beginning to test products for its WaterSense program, a voluntary labeling program that encourages water efficiency and the use of water-efficient products that perform as well as or better than their less-efficient counterparts. As of April, eight toilets from Kohler Co. earned the WaterSense label, which means these toilets use at least 20 percent less water than standard 1.6 gallons-per-flush toilets while still meeting strict flushing performance guidelines.

“The WaterSense label lets consumers know with certainty that they’re choosing products that use significantly less water, without having to worry whether those products will still perform well,” said Rob Zimmerman, senior staff engineer for Kohler’s water conservation initiatives.

The eight Kohler and Sterling toilets that will bear the WaterSense label are:

  • Kohler San Raphael® Power Lite® toilet - K-3393

  • Kohler Highline® Pressure Lite™ 1.1 gpf toilet - K-3519

  • Kohler Wellworth® Pressure Lite 1.1 gpf toilet - K-3531

  • Sterling Stanton™ toilet with Dual Force™ technology - 402040

  • Sterling Karsten™ toilet with Dual Force technology - 402025

  • Sterling Karsten toilet with Dual Force technology - 402028

  • Sterling Rockton™ toilet with Dual Force technology - 402024

  • Sterling Rockton toilet with Dual Force technology - 402027

Using the same premise as the EPA’s Energy Star program, which focuses on products that meet certain energy-efficiency criteria, WaterSense has been developed to easily identify products that conserve water, yet utilizes third-party product certification bodies.