Exterior of Bimco's bath and kitchen showroom in Winston-Salem, NC.

Bimco Corp., a plumbing supply wholesaler based in Winston-Salem, is operating a “Bath & Kitchen Showcase” at its headquarters. Designed by Hayden Design Associates, the showroom features 17 suites and vignettes. Each vignette contains unique decorative elements, including the tile, wallpaper, countertops and accessories.

Gary Schambach, president, Bimco Corp., with his father, Howard Schambach.

Bimco Corp. is a family-owned business. It is currently owned and operated by Howard Schambach, Bill Sparks and Gary Schambach and families.

This showroom has been designated a TOTO Platinum level showroom.

Supply House Times visited the showroom in February. Watch for a feature story about this showroom in a future issue of the magazine.

For more information, visit www.bimcoplumbingsupplies.com.