Over the past few years many of our members did not see the value of their membership in ASA despite a significant menu of programs, tools and services that can help them address day-to-day issues and improve profitability. If they had a problem and went looking for a solution, they might turn to ASA and they might not; they might find an answer or they might not.

ASA has now put a comprehensive tool at their fingertips - a tool that not only shows the product or program, but also includes the application to a particular problem, need or challenge. Our members are now aware of how completely and how well their membership works for the betterment of their business. It empowers them to get the full value from their membership.

Earlier this month, every wholesaler, manufacturer and manufacturers' representative member of ASA was sent a package containing this brand new, comprehensive catalog and association benefits summary.

“With the growth of our menu of programs, in particular the education and training tools being developed by the ASA Education Foundation, it has become challenging to keep our members abreast of it all,” said Inge Calderon, ASA Executive Vice President. This new kit will provide our members with all of that information in ONE place; it's designed to be a “keeper.”

The kit is comprised of:
  • A comprehensive catalog of education, training and management tools/resources
  • An overview of ASA's primary areas of service
  • A description of the multiple benefits of ASA membership
  • Resource information about Special Interest Groups

New Tools Being Added Regularly

“As a result of the Education Foundation's accelerated pace of introducing new training tools and resources, it was necessary to provide a top-notch communication vehicle for ASA members,” said Paul Martin, the Foundation's Executive Vice President. “As a result of the earnings generated by the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund, we are able to pursue a very aggressive agenda of putting more and more educational tools into our members' hands every year. We're excited to be able to serve our industry in this way, and to make these quality programs so accessible,” he continued. “I hope that they'll keep the catalog handy and refer to it often.”