Jeff New and Mike Adelizzi Address Member Issues With Government Partners

Benjamin Grumbles and Jeff New at the EPA.

ASA’s SA’s President Jeff New and Executive Vice President Mike Adelizzi were recently in Washington, D.C. and spent a full day meeting with members of Congress and governmental agencies to promote ASA’s position on issues impacting the PHCP/PVF channel of distribution.

One meeting was with ASA’s long time ally, Representative Wally Herger (R-CA). Rep. Herger is an influential member of the House Ways and Means Committee, the Committee with jurisdiction over tax issues. The ASA leaders talked candidly with the Congressman about the importance of including in any stimulus package “bonus depreciation” for investments made in 2008. A recent survey of ASA members on economic stimulus plans indicated this is the top issue for ASA members. Rep. Herger has been ASA’s champion on “bonus depreciation” and during the meeting he was thanked for all his efforts. He urged ASA to continue pressing the Senate to pass the House-passed stimulus package.

Jeff and Mike also had the opportunity to visit with an aide to Congressman Joe Donnelly, (D-IN) who had just visited Mid-City Supply Co., Inc. two weeks prior. During that visit, lively discussions took place with Mid-City employees about the “Employee Free Choice Act,”also known as the “card check” legislation. While the Congressman has not yet changed his position on this legislation, these visits reinforced ASA’s position on this issue and cultivated the emerging relationship with Congressman Donnelly.

ASA participated in an introductory meeting of the Energy Policy Roundtable. Held at the headquarters of AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute), representatives from ASA, HARDI, PHCC, Air Conditioning Contractors of America, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers and AHRI discussed current legislation, what positions should be taken, and how the organizations at the roundtable can work together to be more effective. ASA is looking forward to participating in more of these meetings and working with our partners to combine our efforts and strengthen our influence on energy policy.

At the Department of Energy (DOE), Jeff and Mike met with Paul Dickerson, Michael McCabe, and Leslie Drogin regarding regional energy efficiency standards for HVAC equipment, pursuant to the recently passed energy bill. An important note to make is that the energy bill states that the DOE can enact regional standards, it does not enjoin them to do so. ASA represented its position against regional standards. Ongoing discussion took place about the process being considered to establish any standards, as well as the methods being considered for enforcing them. ASA requested to be an involved participant however possible if activity level on this front increases, and the DOE was very receptive to this offer.

In ASA’s ongoing commitment to the EPA’s WaterSense program that was introduced in last month’s edition of ASA News, Jeff and Mike met with Benjamin Grumbles at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Communication and promotion of the program was discussed and ASA restated our commitment to this program.

“Throughout this very full day, I was impressed by how much our legislators appreciated hearing our views on the issues; also by what they already knew,” shares Jeff New, ASA President. “The main lesson that I learned, and I cannot stress this enough, is we can make an impact in Washington, D.C. The more of our members engaged in the political process, the greater our impact and we will see a bigger return on our investment.”

For information on how you can become involved in ASA’s advocacy programs by attending the Washington Fly-In, scheduling a Congressional visit at your business or learning about the 2008 legislative agenda, visit us at, or contact Mike Adelizzi at or 312-464-0090 ext. 201.