Privately held and family-run Sioux Chief Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1957 with one goal: to make plumbing installation easier, more effective and efficient. The company offers products ranging from water hammer arresters to pre-formed copper transitions for sweat, PEX, CPVC and PVC systems, as well as drainage, support, testing, tools, specialties and access products.

Among its newest products are the Finish Line™ adjustable drainage system, designed for easy leveling after the concrete pour, and the Ox Box™ over-the-stud installation, which offers flexibility, strength and speed when installing laundry and ice maker boxes.

Sioux Chief was founded by the late Martin E. “Ed” Ismert. His interest in Native American culture led him to name the company in honor of the Sioux Nation, which was known for its pride, fierce competitiveness, determination and leadership.

The company began with 3,000 sq. ft. and two employees, who packaged and sold specialty hangers. The current plant, office and warehouse just outside of Kansas City, MO, now occupies more than 100 times the original size.      

Joe Ismert, president and CEO of Sioux Chief, and his brother, Mike Ismert, both sons of the company founder, purchased Sioux Chief and took over operations in 1977. Since that time about 50 products or design enhancements have been introduced. Sioux Chief now holds more than 25 product patents.

The company’s values include a dedication to continuous improvement. Its executives consult with plumbers, engineers, code officials and distributors to determine where the needs are greatest.

Sioux Chief designs and builds its own machines, tools and dies to ensure that exact product tolerances are achieved and to better control the quality.

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