Edgen Corp. said that Jefferies Capital Partners, its principal shareholder, has agreed to acquire Murray International Metals Ltd. (“MIM”) of Edinburgh, Scotland, through a newly formed acquisition company. Upon completion of the transaction, a new holding company formed by Edgen's shareholders called Edgen/Murray, L.P. will own 100% of both Edgen and MIM. In a related transaction, Edgen will purchase the equity interests of Murray International Metals, Inc. (“MIM US”), MIM's U.S. subsidiary. Edgen/Murray, L.P. will be owned by Jefferies Capital Partners, the management teams of both Edgen and MIM and Murray International Holdings.

Edgen is a $200 million distributor of specialty steel pipe, fittings and flanges for use in niche applications, primarily in the oil and gas, processing and power generation industries. Edgen operates 15 locations in the U.S. and two in Canada. Edgen CEO Dan O'Leary is expected to become CEO of Edgen/Murray, L.P. upon completion of the transactions, which are scheduled to close before the end of the fourth quarter.

MIM is a distributor of structural steel products for use in niche applications, primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry. MIM has a strong sales and distribution network in Europe, the Caspian Sea region, West Africa, the Middle East and Asia/Pacific and operates in seven locations, including the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.