Zurn AquaSpec® features its Temp-Gard III shower valve and Aqua-Panel pre-fabricated shower unit.

Zurn AquaSpec®, an integral member of the Zurn Plumbing Products Group, introduces the new Temp-Gard III shower valve. The Temp-Gard III is the latest design in shower valves and its applications include locker room shower facilities in gymnasiums and nautatoriums. The Temp-Gard III is a single-handle pressure balancing mixing tub and shower valve, with a heavy-duty ceramic control cartridge with a stainless-steel balancing piston. It also features a built-in reverse connection capacity. To reverse the hot and cold inlets, simply remove the cartridge and turn 180 degrees.

Included in the innovative design of the Temp-Gard III are two integral service stop/check stops and an adjustable temperature limit stop. For additional user safety the ADA compliant handle operates in a rotational manner, always cycling through cold water before hot. All exposed trim and handle are metal with a polished nickel chrome plated surface. The valve body is a four-port valve with a tub port plug included for shower-only applications. The valve inlet, shower outlet and tub outlet are standard with 1/2-inch N.P.T. female thread connections. Variations of the Temp-Gard III include shower-only units, tub and shower units, as well as hand shower configurations. Various options available, including the Sierra Series decorative trim, available in various finishes.

Zurn AquaSpec also offers its Aqua-Panel prefabricated shower units. It consists of a vandal-proof, prefabricated 18-gauge stainless-steel shroud and top cap with #4 brushed finish. The Aqua-Panel shroud encases a 1/2-inch copper tubing assembly with lead-free solder. Each Aqua-Panel unit includes a pressure-balanced valve, and an institutional ball-joint showerhead with lever-operated, adjustable spray, as well as bottom access, integral service stops for ease of maintenance. Zurn Industries offers four models of Aqua-Panel prefabricated shower unit. Exposed surfaces on all models are brushed stainless steel or chrome. All Aqua-Panel prefabricated shower units include an attached self-draining soap dish. It is also manufactured in an ADA-compliant model.