Brad Morari, a partner at Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix, passed away on Dec. 1, 2004, at age 51. He had been vice president and general manager of the company's Contracting and Service Group since 1997.

He began his career at Goettl on the factory floor shortly after graduating from high school in 1971. He moved into sales in 1978 and then into management.

In 2003, Morari and three other Goettl executives, Daniel Burke, John Ryan, and Jason Fairchild, formed America Best, LLC, and purchased selected assets of the company from Goettl's former owner, David Murdock.

Morari was president of the Electric League of Arizona in 2002-2003 and was a member of the organization's board for 10 years. He was also a past chairman of the Arizona Heat Pump Council and a member of the HVACR Today editorial board.

“Brad is a classic American success story,” said Daniel Burke, president of Goettl. “He started at the bottom, literally sweeping floors, and worked his way up to eventually becoming an owner of the company. He shared management's vision for the firm, and it was his leadership of our Contracting and Service division that helped make the first two years under the new management team so successful.”

Morari is survived by his wife, Lynn, of 26 years and three children.

The company said Morari's management responsibilities will be divided among the remaining three partners and the experienced staff he put together.