While chrome remains the most popular finish in the bath, more consumers are seeking out new finish options for bath accessories, according to Tim Bitterman, senior product/brand manager at Creative Specialties, a division of Moen.

Non-chrome finishes represent nearly half of bath accessory sales, he said. “Our research shows that brushed nickel, consumers' second most popular choice, is on the rise.”

Weathered finishes that coordinate well with Old World accessory items, ceramic tile and deep, rich cabinet choices are also attracting more interest, he said.

Creative Specialties is offering new finishes including brushed nickel and antique nickel on some of its most popular accessory collections. The company creates its brushed nickel finish by first plating the product with a polished nickel finish, then brushing it by hand with a material similar to steel wool to create a distressed, Old World look. The company also offers an antique nickel finish, achieved by covering the metal with a dark wash, then relieving (or washing) it to reveal the metal underneath. The metal is then distressed for an authentic weathered look and then covered with a clearcoat finish for durability.