Honeywell announced in a release that it has reached an out-of-court settlement with a United States-based company that imported and sold refrigerant products infringing Honeywell patents. Details of the settlement, which included payment to Honeywell and the name of the infringer, were not disclosed. Honeywell also stated that it is continuing to investigate other companies importing or selling unlicensed refrigerant products covered by its patents.

The settled case involved a company importing and selling R-404A and R-408A, among other refrigerant products, that it received from a foreign broker, according to the release. The broker claimed to have licenses for these products, but after careful investigation, this claim proved to be untrue. David Metcalf, marketing manager of Honeywell Genetron refrigerants, said in the statement the identity of the company is not being disclosed because it was a victim of misrepresentation.

According to Honeywell, its patent portfolio relates to a number of refrigerants, including R-404A, R-408A, R-410A, R-507, R-245fa and R-236fa.