Dornbracht has published the 2005 edition of “Kultur im Bad” (Culture in the Bath), a product book that provides detailed information on its bath and kitchen fixtures and accessories. The 289-page volume features basic product photos accompanied by double-page photo spreads of installations reminiscent of an architect's portfolio. The new book is intended to help articulate Dornbracht's philosophy of ritual architecture. “What this means in the bathroom is that the individual is an 'inhabitant' rather than just a 'user' of the space, and so it needs to be designed as a specific living area that can be experienced in a way that goes far beyond purely physical needs such as washing,” Andreas Dornbracht, director, said in a statement. “It also means that the bathroom opens up to becoming a new luxury, a place where we can explore our senses, live our own personal rituals and rediscover our bodies, minds and souls.” For more information, call 800-774-1181 or visit