Applied Energy Recovery Systems, Inc. (AERS) merged with Vantage Equipment Co. of Winter Park, Fla. The company said this will expand its offering of industrial air conditioning products under the Vantage-Aire name. The product line will include: vertical and horizontal packaged water-cooled industrial air conditioning systems and vertical air-cooled industrial packaged air conditioning systems. AERS will also offer engineering and manufacturing for custom systems to fit any industrial customer's requirements. A Web site,, will be updated in August to show the new product lines.

Headquarters for AERS and Vantage-Aire products will be the current AERS address in Norcross, Ga. Customers can contact C. D. “Kip” Wright, sales manager of Vantage-Aire products, at 407-484-0876 in Cocoa, Fla.