Innovations featured at ISH NA's 2004 New Product Showcase.

The New Product Showcase at the ISH North America expo and seminar in Boston this month will feature displays of manufacturers' newest products and serve as an indicator of current industry trends. To qualify for participation in this showcase, the product had to be introduced in the months between the 2003 and 2004 ISH NA shows. Listed below are the manufacturers and new products featured in the showcase:

Plumbing & Piping

3M Fire Protection: Fire Barrier Water Tight Sealant 3000 WT

The sealant provides fire stop protection with the new added benefit of preventing water or moisture intrusion. It meets the new UL Water Leakage Test-W Rating Class 1 requirements for system testing in accordance with UL 1479. Circle 200.

Bibow Industries: TankMate

The all-in-one tool acts as a torch, a hose, a flint striker, eye goggles, a flint renewal tool and a valve key organization tool. It is specifically designed for “B” & “MC” acetylene tanks, nitrogen/oxygen/CO2 tanks, MAPP® and propane tanks, and large common commercial oxygen/acetylene cylinders. Circle 201.

Caleffi North America: 5213 series

The combination thermostatic and pressure balanced anti-scald valve is certified to ASSE 1016. Features include: temperature adjustment from 85˚F to 120˚F to prevent accidental scalding, built-in check valves in both inlets to prevent cross flow, and a thermal shut-off to stop the flow of water. Circle 202.

Canterbury Enterprises: Universal Flange & Key

The flange fits either a 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch valve and adjusts up to 3-1/2 inches long. It is available in eight finishes and has a patented heavy-duty construction with dual thread brushing. Circle 203.

American Plumber: W34 - Whole House Water Filter

The Prm-monitored whole house water filter comes with a five-micron sediment cartridge, a three-color monitor to indicate when to change the cartridge, and a filter housing wrench. It has mounting brackets molded into the head for easy installation. It fits standard 3/4-inch NPT piping and can accept 2-1/2- to 3-inch diameter cartridges. Circle 204.

Conbraco Industries, Inc.:

4 N Dual Check Valve

An ASSE/CSA certified backflow preventer provides protection of potable water supply where authorities having jurisdiction approve the same. Circle 205.

77C - AO Pro-Press Ball Valve

The Apollo 773 full port domestic ball valve has factory-brazed 2-inch copper tube ends and is for use in the Viega ProPress system. It features factory-installed ends that aluminate field soldering. The valve is factory tested for leak-free assurance. Circle 206.

82-200-F1 Medical Gas Ball Valve Purge Port

The three-piece medical gas valve with brazed extensions and purge port is factory cleaned. Purge ports for cleaning or gauge installation are available on one or both sides. Circle 207.

Dawn Industries:

Kwik Repair One-piece

PVC Repair Fitting

The one-piece PVC repair fitting with permanent solvent weld seal is available as a coupler, tee or elbow. Its sleeves slide and glue onto the pipe. There are no O-rings to fail. Circle 208.

Kwik Repair Plastic Pipe Cutters

The plastic pipe cutters use roller blades to cut pipe. The cutters will not fracture the pipe and bevel the pipe edge for faster installation. They don't produce system-contaminating shavings.Circle 209.

Discover Trading Company Inc.: “Lead-Free” Brass Ball Valve

The ball valve with less than 0.10% lead complies with California's Proposition 65 and the Lead-Free Drinking Water Act of 2004 for lead content. Its low-cost forged brass is less expensive than low-lead cast bronze, the company says. Circle 210.

Eemax Inc.: Tankless Water Heater Model EX 280 T2T

The thermostatically controlled electric tankless water heater for residential applications is 99+ % energy efficient. It offers an instant unlimited hot water supply at the point of use. Circle 211.

Heater Stone

Eemax has partnered with Climastar, the Spanish manufacturer of the patented product. Electric heating elements initiate heat, which is retained in the stone and radiates to heat the room. The decorative stone is available in marble, granite or slate finish and mounts on the wall. Four hours of radiant heat from the stone are produced for every one-hour of real electric heat consumed. Circle 212.

Floodmaster Inc.: Speedy Valve

The built-in quarter-turn ball valve solves the problem of a leaky valve without having to change the old valve and without shutting off the water supply. It simplifies jobs for future repairs and is a quick and easy way to replace a faulty shut-off valve. Circle 213.

General Wire Spring Co.: J-2512 Typhoon Trailer Jet

Used for clearing big drain lines with high water flow requirements or remote jobs far from a water source, the trailer jet features 12 gpm / 2500 psi and clears up to 12-inch lines 400 feet away. It has a splash guard to protect the motor and pump from road grit and debris, a 200-gallon tank capacity, engine controls and safety features including electric brakes and a safety strobe light. Circle 214.

Harmsco Filtration Products: Homeland Security Water Filter

The water filter acts as a safeguard by sterilizing any micro-organisms. It also improves the taste and odor of home water. Circle 215.

Heatlink Group: EasyFit Potable Manifold

The potable water distribution manifold requires no toxic solvents, glues or solder to connect. Installers can simply use their hands to create the permanent pressure connection. It uses patented “TwistSeal” connection methods, and a modular assembly is easily modified to each application. Circle 216.

Kozy Kollar Mfg.: Roof Flange

The roof flange seals vent pipe penetrations through the roof without having to climb on the roof. The 2-inch size is new for attic heating systems and no longer requires an increase in pipe size. Circle 217.

Lavelle Industries, Inc.: Gmax OEM Replacement Flapper

The OEM replacement flapper fits TOTO products. It is made from chlorazone material, resists harsh chemicals and toilet tank cleaners and has a five-year replacement warranty. Circle 218.

Liberty Pumps:

LSG Series, Omnivore Grinder

The 2 hp sewage grinder pump uses V-Slice cutter technology, which makes more cuts per revolution. It has a quick disconnect power cord and one-piece cast iron housing. Circle 219.

SumpBox, SBX Series

The complete pre-assembled sump pump system has a removable debris filter tray, a nine-gallon pump cycle, a seated access order, clear disposable construction cover and separate “pocket mounted” switches for easy service. Circle 220.

Little Giant Pump Co.: ES50D and ES33D

The new ES50D and ES33D models are energy-saving, high-performance fully submersible sewage/effluent/high capacity sump pumps. They have a piggyback diaphragm switch designed for the professional plumbing contractor. The ES50D model has a 1/2 HP permanent split capacitor motor, and the ES33D model has a 1/3 HP permanent split capacitor motor, for high starting and running torque and a low amp draw to conserve electrical energy. Circle 221.

M.A.G. Eng. & Mfg. Co.:

Kleer Drain

The chemical-free product uses “Air-Burst” technology to instantly clear all types of residential drains. It eliminates the need for hand plunging and caustic chemicals. Circle 222.

Mainline Backflow Products Inc.: Deco Sewer Clean Out

The cosmetic sewer cleanout for yards fits 3- and 4-inch pipe, eliminates yard box and is easy to install. Circle 223.

Test-Eze ML3T

This test gate is used with the company's Adapt-A-Valve to pressure test plumbing systems. This isolates the sewer system during construction and increases safety at the construction site. It can be reused. Circle 224.

Mill - Rose Co.: Water - Gate

The water shut-off tool allows solder without draining the entire water system. It installs and replaces valves, tees and elbows, and makes waterline repairs. It is pressure-rated to 65 psi and has a temperature range from -20˚F to 225˚F. Circle 225.

Oatey SCS: Sure-Vent Air Admittance Valve

The valves open and close in conjunction with normal DWV system operation, eliminating the need for secondary vent pipes. The valves open under the smallest pressure and offer sealing for reliability. Circle 226.

Omegaflex Inc.: Counter Strike

The patent-pending CSST product is engineered to significantly increase the survivability from lightning-induced damage to fuel gas piping systems. The flexible gas piping design helps to dissipate the lightning over a large area rather than transferring the risk elsewhere. It is available in 3/8-, 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-inch sizes and in reel sizes from 100 to 250 feet. Circle 227.

Powers: Powerstation

The completely assembled water-tempering system is designed to provide safe water throughout commercial and industrial facilities. It features the company's tempering valve with advance thermal actuation technology. An internal by-pass loop allows for fast and easy set-up, and it is mounted on a heavy-duty welded strut. Circle 228.

Prier Products Inc.: C-634 Commercial Freezeless Wall Hydrant

The heavy commercial wall hydrant installs through a 1-3/8-inch hole rather than the 2- x 3-inch opening required by others. A triple seal plunger requires less maintenance, and it has a flow rate of 19 gpm. Circle 229.

RJS Tech, LLC: Plug-N-Stub

The reusable test nipple seals ABS and PVC fitting hubs. A stainless steel “Pinch” ring holds up to 25 psi. It eliminates the need for internal pipe cutters. It can be used to pipe out drain connections on the finish right from the hub. Circle 230.

Samwon Cobra Co.:

Cobra Faucet

The Cobra Faucet (SS-711) attaches onto the sink to control the water level. It works through a ceramic cartridge in the faucet, and it allows the user to wash large volumes. Circle 231.

Sioux Chief Mfg. Co.:

Drop Kick 45 Closet Flange

The closet flange features a corrosion-proof, stainless steel swivel ring and a 3-inch full flow throat. It fits securely in a 4-inch round hole with no need for notching. In situations where the rough-in for the toilet is right above or next to a floor joist, the 45° angle allows the plumber to make the glue connection while minimizing the amount of joist being knocked out. Circle 232

Power Bar

The Universal Slider Bracket expands and telescopes in 14- to 26-inch openings. There are pilot holes along the entire length or bracket to secure the pipe at any center. It is made of galvanized steel and works with the company's Touchdown II clamp to secure up to two inches of pipe. Circle 233.

Full Flush Offset Closet Flange

The Offset Closet Flange has a 3-inch full flow throat, and allows 1-1/2-inch offset in any direction. It has a corrosion-proof, stainless steel swivel ring. It conforms to ASTM D2661 (ABS) and ASTM D2665 (PVC) standards, and has a pending UPC listing. Circle 234.

Sta-Rite Industries:

2 HP Grinder Pump

The rugged cast iron submersible pump has capacities to 42 gpm and heads to 112 feet. It has a 25% reduced amp draw and a superior draw-down capability. It is available in 10, 20, and 30 gpm models and is UL-CSA listed. Circle 235.

S.T.E.P. Plus

The high-head filtered effluent pump has a 25% reduced amp draw with a superior draw-down capability. It is available in 10, 20, and 30 gpm models; has a cool and quiet operation and is UL - CSA listed. Circle 236.

Uponor Wirsbo: D'Mand

The user-activated hot water delivery system uses a structured plumbing layout for fast hot water delivery. This can save thousands of gallons of water and saves energy vs. traditional re-circulation. It offers easy upgrades to any new home. Circle 237.

Watts Water Technology: Industry Standard Series Water Closet Carriers

The carriers feature a compression seal design that eliminates leak problems commonly associated with traditional threaded O-ring seal carriers. Moisture cannot penetrate the seal to trigger mold formation problems. No additional sealants or lubricants are required during installation. Circle 238.

Webstone Co. Inc.:

High Flow 'T' Drain

The high flow “T” drains are available in solder and threaded versions. They fit 1/2-inch through 2-inch pipe sizes, and offer professional-looking installations and fewer leak paths than traditional methods. Circle 239.

Pro-Pal Ball Valves

The uni-body construction of a ball valve with an integral high flow drain is available in threaded, solder and union ends. They are 1/2 to 2 inches and save space in tight quarters. They eliminate leak paths and have a high flow when draining, purging or filling systems. Circle 240.

Kitchen & Bath

Aquanotion Ltd.: Two Flush

The Two Flush gives a choice when using the toilet: a half flush for liquid waste or a full flush for solid waste. This saves water and money, and it is simple to install. Circle 241.

Elkay: Kitchen Faucet

The single-handle, top-mount kitchen faucet is available in chrome, brushed chrome or brushed nickel finish. It uses a ceramic disc cartridge, has a solid brass construction and a pivot and lock folding spout. Circle 242.

Stainless Steel Vessel Sink

The vessel sink is crafted from the finest 18-gauge stainless steel. It can be installed with a variety of countertop options. Circle 243.

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures:

Aqua Saver One-Piece Toilet

The one-piece 1.6 gallon-per-flush gravity toilet uses the Aqua Saver flushing platform with automatic flow control fill valve. It has a glazed trapway and an elongated seat and cover. It uses siphon jet action. The toilet comes in white, bone and biscuit. Circle 244.

Maxwell Pedestal Lavatory

The contemporary style pedestal lavatory comes in standard large and small sizes. It has one common pedestal, a discreet backsplash and a large faucet deck. Circle 245.

Maxwell Elongated Toilet

The two-piece 1.6 qpf gravity fed toilet has a new slim-line tank style. It has a round front, is elongated and has 17-inch high models. It uses the Maxwell flushing platform and has a glazed trapway. The toilet is offered in white, bone and biscuit. Circle 246.

Maxwell Faucets

The complete line of faucets and fittings for the kitchen and bath include kitchen, lavatory and roman tub filler faucets. There are single and two handle faucets, and all are brass with copper waterways. Options include ADA solid and acrylic handles. They use Gerber ceramic disc cartridges. Circle 247.

Oval Self-rimming Drop-in Lavatory

The large self-rimming lavatory with rim detail has a large faucet deck ringed by a stylish backsplash. It has a concealed front overflow. The basin is 23-1/2 inches by 19 inches. It is drilled for single hole and has a 4-inch center set plus 8-inch widespread faucet configuration. It is available in white, bone and biscuit. Circle 248.

Electronic Faucets/ Urinal Flush Valve

This contemporary line of electronic faucets and flush valves for commercial and residential markets conserves water and offers a clean and quiet laminar water flow stream. Remote programming with hardwire or battery options is available. The products feature 100% waterproof circuitry. Circle 249.

Tools & Equipment

Bennette Design Group, Inc.: Plumber's Wedge

The ergonomic Plumber's Wedge bridges the toe-kick while providing needed back and head support. It reduces strain on the plumber's body, which helps increase efficiency. It is compact in size and design for easy carry and storage. The wedge is constructed of commercial grade materials for long-term durability. Circle 250.

Oatey SCS - Cherne Industries: Air-Max Pro HV Test Pump

The high volume test pump is designed for inflating test-ball plugs. The large barrel diameter for maximum volume uses fewer strokes per inflation. It has an all-metal thumb lock for durability and a solid wood handle for greater comfort and strength. Circle 251.

Duracable Manufacturing: MiniMax

The sink machine has a 1/4 hp motor, weighs 27 lbs., and has optional 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch drums. It runs at 230 RPM but it can be ordered at 300 RPM. It comes with an optional foot pedal. Circle 252.

RABCO: Universal Roller Skid

The self-adjusting roller skid is used with portable video inspection systems and eliminates the need for a tractor system. Six wheels on three pivoting arms that adjust from a 6- to 12-inch diameter keep the camera centered at all times. It is constructed of durable, lightweight composite nylon and universally fits most cameras up to 2-1/4 inches in diameter. Circle 253.

Saniflo: Sanibest

The system comes with a toilet bowl, a toilet tank and a macerating unit. The system will discharge wastewater from toilets, hand basins, baths, bidets, urinals and clothes washers. It can install a complete bathroom up to 16 feet below the sewer line. Circle 254.

Taracorp: Taramet Sterling Professional Grade Butane Torch

This compact refillable butane torch is capable of brazing and large diameter pipe soldering. It has a universal belt clip and a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Circle 255.

Dutch Boy Silver

The free premium lead-free silver is sold in 20- to 50-lb. cases and 1-lb. spools. It has an NSF standard 61 certification and uses the highest silver content available: 0.4%. Each spool is individually numbered and can be traced to its raw materials to ensure the highest possible quality. Circle 256.

Unicell Body Co.:

Unicell Service LL

This service van has convenient and secure storage for small tools as well as large equipment or cargo. Its lower compartments are rugged 14-gauge steel. It has all stainless continuous hinges and adjustable divider shelves. Circle 257.

Tools That Rock: Rock on Top Ladder Tray

The steel tray hooks on the top step of ladders, or it can be used as a carrying tray. It fits most ladders and fits between studs. It can be used for residential or commercial use. Circle 258.

Rock Unroller Tube Uncoiler

The tube uncoiler is for easy installation of PEX tubing in plumbing and heating applications. It is portable, compact and stores within itself. Circle 259.


A.O. Smith Water Products Co.: ProMax XL Circulating Loop Heat Exchanger

A compact, circulating loop heat exchanger provides domestic hot water when installed with the company's ProMax SL gas water heater. It is available for installation with ProMax SL (side loop) gas water heaters in standard-vent, direct-vent, power-vent, and power direct-vent designs. Circle 260.

Buderus: GB142 Wall Hung

The GB142 is an ultra-efficient and compact 90-plus wall-mounted condensing heater. It has an input range of 84,000 Btuh to 198,800 Btuh and a whisper-quiet operation. The heater can easily be designed as a multiple-unit system for large residential or commercial applications. Circle 261.

Controlled Energy Corp.: Bosch Boiler

This wall-hung high-efficiency (90-plus%) condensing boiler is compact and has sealed combustion. It has inputs of 180,000 Btu, 100,000 Btu, and 145,000 Btu. It is lightweight and easy to maintain. Circle 262.

Caleffi North America: Boiler Autofil Backflow Combination

The 5730 series is an automatic filling unit consisting of a pressure-reducing valve with compensating seat and a backflow preventer with double checks and atmospheric vent certified to ASSE 1012 and CSA B64.3. Features include: a pressure-setting indicator, a large diaphragm surface area for greater control at lower pressure differences, and a low adhesion coefficient plastic that minimizes the risk of scale deposits on moving parts. Circle 263.

Heatlink Group: EndBend Pipe Grid

This pipe grid works with difficult staple-down hydronic floor heating installations. It eliminates the need for a router and provides a multi-faceted pipe grid for straight run, short radius and long radius bends. It is adaptable to both serpentine and double counterflow pipe configurations. Its low profile of 3/4 inches reduces impact on room height. Circle 264.

Hydrolevel Co.: Safgard 1150 “Mini” Low Water Cut-Off

The 120-volt low water cut-off for gas or oil water boilers has a compact design and installs easily. It features a circuit test button and onboard indicating lights. It meets the new codes for residential boilers. Circle 265.

Insulation Solutions Inc.: Quip Clip

Quip Clips are designed to be used in lieu of zip ties for light-gauge wire mesh and 3/8- to 1/2-inch tubing. They can be installed as quickly as the user can roll out tubing. They are manufactured using solid PVC construction for durability and compatibility with tubing. Circle 266.

Macna / DeDietrich: GT 4-120

The self-contained boiler, burner and control panel has a high fuel efficiency and works with oil or gas. It has plug and play capabilities for all components, reduces installation time by 50% and is aesthetically pleasing. Circle 267.

ProTech Systems: FasNSeal

The adjustable wall-mounted vent kit for instantaneous water heaters and wall hung boilers includes all the components in one package. It has 1-inch clearance for combustibles up to 480˚F. Its telescoping elbow allows vertical and horizontal adjustment. The boiler is made of corrosion-resistant AL29-4C stainless steel. Circle 268.

Taco Inc.: Radiant Mixing Block

The complete injection mixing system is patent-pending. Integral to the unit is a variable speed injection circulator, constant speed system circulator, air elimination, and the electronics to drive it all. Only four pipe connections are required. It has two operation modes: an outdoor reset mode and a setpoint, with or without Delta T, limiting mode. It can handle radiant loads of up to 120,000 Btus. Circle 269.

iSeries Mixing Valve

The mixing valves provide outdoor reset or fixed water temperature control. A microprocessor-based control is built into the valves actuator, providing optimum zone-by-zone temperature control. The 2-way injection or 3-way mixing makes zoning a multiple temperature radiant system easy. It has a high-flow 125 psi-rated ball valve design. Circle 270.

Viessmann Mfg. Co. Inc.: “Vitoflame 100” Oil Burner

The oil burner series for Viessmann Vitola 200 series boilers is clean burning for high efficiency and low emissions. It has fast installation with quick set-up and adjustments and easy service and maintenance. It also features quiet operation. Circle 271.

Webstone Co. Inc.: Primary Loop Manifold Valve

The manifold with integral ball valve allows forced secondary loop flow for purging, flushing or filling of radiant and hot water heating systems. It has fewer leaks paths than traditional methods and a space-saving design. Circle 272.


ebm-papst, Inc.: M36084

The backward-curved impeller is made out of sheet aluminum using M36084 EC motor technology. An AC line-operated brushless DC motor has completely integrated drive electronics. The motor control comes with a 0-10 V/PWM or with a RS 485 interface. It is suitable for noise-sensitive applications due to its low motor ripple and vibration. Circle 273.

RG 175 / 200 - 3633

The blower with EC internal-rotor motor is made of die-cast aluminum housing. Its AC line-operated brushless DC motor has completely integrated drive electronics. The speed is controllable via low voltage PWM signal input to onboard drive electronics. It is sized for modulating boilers rated up to 500K Btuh, and its premix-ready design is compatible with Honeywell VMU gas valve/venturi products. Circle 275.

Milwaukee Valve Co.: HP Series Butterfly

The high performance butterfly valve has a high pressure design intended for industrial and commercial applications. It offers ease of operation and automation, corrosion-resistant material, and a high operating pressure. Circle 274.

Software & Business Efficiency

Estimation Inc.: Logistics

This complete business procedure software for contractors is built on the foundation of the company's estimating program. It increases the speed and accuracy of take-off and can be exported to accounting packages. Circle 276.

Famhost: Internet Caller ID

Record and display all incoming and outgoing call information and view it from any computer with Internet access. Functions include: storing of duration and times recorded for each call, total time for any caller for any date range and totals for both incoming and outgoing calls. Circle 277.


The integrated real-time GPS vehicle tracker and employee time clock shows vehicle location with speed and status color. It operates all the time with a playback function. It also has real-time alerts for speed, arrival and departure. Circle 278.


The wireless digital pen stores data in memory and sends it to either wireless or USB files. It electronically completes forms and work tickets and eliminates duplicate data entry or a laptop in the field. The information is stored in real time. Circle 279.

Perfinex Inc.: Techsoft

The software simplifies invoicing, work order completion and inspections while giving instant access to sales literature, inspection sheets, installation guides, product manuals, wiring diagrams and flat pricing information. It also allows the user to integrate flat pricing information and quality control checklists. Circle 280.

Skytel: Fleethawk

The vehicle tracking system shows locations of vehicles, speed and more. It maps vehicle locations on a secured Web site, where users enter an address to find the closest vehicle. The system is available in vehicle-mounted versions with I/O ports for connecting to vehicle components, or in portable battery-powered versions with no wiring or installation required. Circle 281.

Wrightsoft Corp.: Right-Radiant Plus

The radiant panel design program with snow-melt capabilities automatically lays out and draws radiant loops using industry-standard conventions for spacing, manifold connections and bill of materials. Drawings are tied to automatic calculations of all parameters. The automated loop layout saves drawing time, and the easy-to-use complete radiant panel design software eliminates the need for other programs. The accurate CAD-quality loop design automatically updates. Circle 282. <<