TOTO launched EcoPower sensor-operated electronic flush valves for toilets and urinals, which it says are the first to have a completely self-sufficient power source. The chrome fittings generate their own power each time water spins a small internal turbine when the unit is flushed. Stored in a series of capacitors, this auto-generated electrical energy powers the flush valve's sensor eye, microprocessor and solenoid. During periods of infrequent use, the EcoPower Electronic Flush Valves solid-core manganese dioxide lithium battery serves as a back-up power source. The EcoPower EFV's self-adjusting sensor does not require manual calibration. Its detection beam pulses rather than continuously monitoring to conserve battery life. Also, the EcoPower EFV records its usage patterns, then reduces its beam cycles during non-peak use periods, to save electricity. The sensor eye looks down at a 15-degree deflection so it can detect children and wheelchairs. The product features a new piston design made from chemically-resistant POM plastic resin to prevent damage from scale or water treatment.