After 150 years as a domestic manufacturer of plumbing fixtures and specialty plumbing products, Crane Plumbing LLC is moving aggressively to integrate off-shore sourcing with domestically manufactured products within its product lines, according to Reed Beidler, president. A controlling interest in the company was acquired by one of the affiliates of private investment firm Sun Capital Partners, (SUPPLY HOUSE TIMES, March 2005, page 10), but Crane will retain its name and management will remain in place.

“Over the last several years we began to source some selected products internationally,” Beidler said. “From this limited experience, it became apparent that we needed to significantly increase off-shore sourcing as a percent of our business. I wanted to bring in partners with expertise in that area plus the capital resources to ensure our success.”

The company currently operates 20 manufacturing plants in the United States and Canada. Though no closures or consolidation are planned at this time, such moves might be considered in the future, Beidler said, adding, “it is our plan and expectation to maintain a major domestic manufacturing presence in conjunction with a substantial off-shore sourcing program.”

The company markets products under the brand names Crane Plumbing, Fiat Products, Showerite, Universal Rundle and Sanymetal.