Renewable energies in heating technologies, together with wellness and fitness concepts in bathroom design, are just some of the trends highlighted at the 2005 ISH Frankfurt, March 15-19, Frankfurt, Germany.

“We see a huge potential for ISH in the field of renewable energy, which is no longer a marginal technology,” said Horst Niedlich, vice president/technology fairs, for show organizer Messe Frankfurt, during a press conference held Oct. 15 in Boston in conjunction with ISH North America. “Solar energy systems, heat pumps and tile stoves are used with conventional technology as a matter of course.”

According to Neidlich's data, solar technology alone grew by 23% in Europe in 2003. As a result, a special renewable energy exhibit will be featured at next year's ISH Frankfurt. Among other topics, the exhibit will cover the following:

  • Solar systems as part of the modern energy supply.

  • System solutions for the use of biogenic fuels.

  • Using ambient heat with modern heat pumps.

  • State-of-the-art photovoltaic systems for building services.

  • Research into the stationary fuel cell.

Also in keeping with the renewable energy theme is the tiled-stove industry, which will have a significant presence at ISH Frankfurt. Tiled stoves can be used to warm a small room as well as heat water. They also can be combined with a solar system, heat-recovery technology and controlled home ventilation for a building heating system.

Professional Spa & Wellness: Also new to ISH Frankfurt in 2005 will be the Lifetime Congress, part of Lifetime, the International Trade Fair for the Professional Spa and Wellness Industry. The Lifetime Congress will be held at the Congress Centre Messe Frankfurt, March 17-19, in conjunction with ISH Frankfurt.

The industries served by ISH Frankfurt are expanding more and more in the direction of equipment for the professional spa and wellness segment of the market, according to Messe Frankfurt.

Topics to be discussed at the congress include spa and hotel wellness, corporate health, medical wellness, senior health and fitness, and medical spas.

Shaping Water: New perspectives on the relationship between people, room and water, as well as holistic works on the subject of the bathroom as a whole, is the focus of the “Outlook - Shaping Water,” a design competition and exhibition. Students and young designers from all over Europe who work in architecture, design and interior design will compete for space at the exhibition.

Designers will present their entries in a “moodbox,” a semitransparent cylinder measuring one foot in diameter. The moodbox can contain a material collage, drawing, sound installation, color impression, etc. A jury will decide the three best designs, which will then be featured at ISH Frankfurt as full-scale models.

The competition is sponsored by the Association of the German Sanitation Industry, the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association, and Messe Frankfurt.

In addition, the show's popular “Design Plus” competition will also be featured.

Messe Frankfurt is expecting about 2,300 exhibitors and 180,000 trade attendees for the 2005 ISH Frankfurt. ISH Frankfurt 2003 had 2,361 exhibitors from 51 countries, and just under 180,000 trade visitors from 93 countries.

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- Kelly Faloon