Ferguson's Petersburg, Va., store reopened at 548 Southpark Blvd., Colonial Heights, Va., only seven days after a devastating fire leveled the original facility. Neil Rogers, vice president of facilities, and Don Swain, manager of facility development, were at the scene before the fire was out. The building collapsed to the ground as they watched from behind fire trucks. Rogers, Swain and Rob Watkins, manager, spoke with the landlord of the demolished building and leased another building the same day of the fire.

Neighboring Ferguson facilities helped the stricken branch. “More than 200 associates pulled together to get us back in business,” Watkins said. The Petersburg branch continued to operate through Ferguson's Richmond, Va., location. Several Petersburg associates worked out of other branches and maintained contact with customers through cell phones. Petersburg's driver worked out of the main branch to assure customers received their products. The Petersburg store stocks appliances, builder products, heating and air conditioning supplies, and plumbing supplies.

Ferguson, based in Newport News, Va., is owned by Wolseley plc, Reading, England.