Yes, It's a Boiler!
The New De Dietrich DTG 120 Atmospheric Hot Water Boiler

It looks more like a kitchen appliance than one of the world's most popular cast iron boilers. That's because the De Dietrich DTG 120 atmospheric, hot water boiler is often found in the kitchen or an upstairs utility room. These small, but powerful boilers are ultra quiet, using a silent atmospheric burner and only a small pump instead of large fans. The plumbing connections are clean and minimal. This allows architects, home designers, property managers, builders and consumers the flexibility to install the boiler somewhere other than the basement without worrying about aesthetics, noise, or a large footprint area.

They're ideal for large homes, apartment complexes, slab homes, or even as a replacement for an older high capacity boiler. De Dietrich Atmospheric Boilers put out up to 180,000 Btus. One unit is more than capable of heating homes more than 5000 sq. ft. in size. Maybe the best thing about the DTG 120 is its fuel efficiency. Manufactured in Europe where fuel prices are 3 to 4 times that of the U.S., these boilers have proven themselves with a 93% efficiency rating in the the world's most demanding home heating market. De Dietrich also offers compatible indirect hot water heaters that can stack, sit adjacent, or be stationed elsewhere in the home.

DTG 120s run on natural gas or propane, feature an easy-access terminal block for simplified installation, and are shipped completely assembled. De Dietrich is the world's second largest manufacturer of cast iron boilers and is exclusively marketed by MACNA of Circleville, Ohio.

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