What are the latest methods and materials available to creative hydronic heating designers? How can you heat a 23,000-sq.-ft. building using 3/4-inch and 1-inch distribution piping? How do systems of multiple modulating boilers differ from a standard multiple boiler system? Where can you apply the recently released small variable speed circulators? How can a wide assortment of heating loads be coordinated by and supplied from a single hydronic system?

John Siegenthaler, PE, a well-known teacher, writer, software developer and columnist for Plumbing & Mechanical, a sister publication to Supply House Times, will be answering these questions and more at “Modern Engineering Concepts for Hydronic Heating Design.” It is a day-long seminar held in July in six cities located throughout the country.

“The seminar is geared for those who know the basic applications for hydronic heating, but want to delve into more advanced design concepts and details,” Siegenthaler said.

Consulting engineers, in particular, are encouraged to attend to see the very latest approaches in hydronic heating for both custom residential and commercial buildings. However, the new seminar is also designed for experienced hydronic system designers, facilities engineers, and design/build professionals who work with hydronic heating systems.

Topics to be covered include the following:

-- Hydronic distribution system options.

-- Water temperature control.

-- Small variable speed circulators.

-- Compact boilers.

-- Commercial radiant floor heating.

-- Multi-load/multi-temperature systems.

Attendees also will each receive a seminar manual, plus a CD featuring customized “Hydronic System Simulator” software, a versatile, fast and easy-to-use design tool that's featured on Siegenthaler's popular “Hydronics Design Studio” software. The CD also provides a wide assortment of product specific data and design information from more than 20 manufacturers who are co-sponsoring the event. Continued education credits are available to those who qualify. Lunch and snacks are included.

The seminar is offered by BNP Media, publishers of more than 30 trade magazines, including Plumbing & Mechanical, Supply House Times and PM Engineer.

Siegenthaler's hydronics seminars are currently scheduled for the following dates and cities:

July 12 - Chicago/Rosemont, Ill.

July 14 - Danbury, CT

July 16 - Marlborough, Mass.

July 26 - Reno, Nev.

July 28 - Salt Lake City, Utah

July 30 - Denver

Cost for the seminar is $395.

To register for a seminar, visit www.bnpmedia.com/conferences and click on “Modern Hydronics,” or contact BNP Media's Keri Wrobel at 248/244-6463 or via e-mail at wrobelk@bnpmedia.com.