In response to the trend of creating a refuge or spa in the bathroom with aesthetically pleasing, multi-functional fixtures, Bemis has developed a toilet seat that features upscale European styling. The Alesio™ seat is master crafted in Italy and features a contoured design with built-in decorative hinges that appear seamless by hiding the fasteners.

A recent study by the company revealed that nearly 70% of consumers only buy a new toilet seat every seven years - when it breaks, gets damaged, or during remodeling. However, over a seven-year period, the average person spends nearly 90,000 minutes, or more than 62 days, using the toilet seat. The average person uses it for about 35 minutes in a single day.

“The toilet seat is not just something we depend on; it's also one of the first things people look at as they walk into the bathroom,” said Ben Schnelle, associate product manager, wholesale and OEM division, of Bemis. “In fact, according to a survey conducted by Opinion Research Corp., 76% of a nationwide sample of more than 1,000 adults admitted to inspecting their friends' toilets. From an appearance standpoint, it can't be ignored - it's as vital to the room's overall look as the sink, vanity, tub, toilet and fixtures.”

The Alesio seat is made of Coralink™, a dent-, scratch- and fade-resistant material. Finishes for the decorative hinges include: brushed nickel, chrome, brass and oil-rubbed bronze.