Thanks to the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund, the ASA Education Foundation is able to offer an increased number and variety of educational opportunities in 2004. As we finalize dates and cities for these programs, we'll announce them in this column, as well as in our free monthly Trainers' Forum e-letter. We also have updated listings in the “Calendar” section of the Foundation's website at

Here's just a thumbnail of what's on our agenda for the coming months:

-- An expanded University of Industrial Distribution on March 7-10. Details were mailed in December. See related article below.

-- At least four Essentials of Profitable PHCP Distribution pilot workshops in different areas of the country. We're already working with our local members in Syracuse, NY and in Dallas, TX to set up dates for their areas.

-- More Dave Kahle TOP GUN SALES seminars. They were a tremendous hit in 2003, and we'll be bringing Dave back in '04 for more sessions.

-- A web based seminar on Crushing Price Objections with Tom Reilly on March 2. Take advantage of this great new way of efficient learning.

-- A human resource/training workshop at the ASA Convention in Boston. Another in the series of well-rated sessions designed to focus on the HR challenges you face.

-- A Branch Manager Training workshop with Jim Ambrose. The author of the popular new NAW-DREF book will be featured. Stay tuned for more details.

We'll make every effort to offer sessions in the major areas we were not able to visit last year. If you would like a program in your area, please contact us. To keep up to date on the latest training opportunities, please be sure to visit the Foundation website on a regular basis and hit the “Calendar” and “Regional Training” buttons.