LMAdata provided information on estimated unit sales of plumbing products for new construction in Buffalo/Erie County, N.Y., based on 1,740 single-family homes and 423 multi-family homes built January through November 2003. The source for its data is the U.S. Bureau of the Census/Manufacturing & Construction Division. LMAdata publishes the monthly LMA Reports, which track U.S. Census Bureau residential building permits and provide plumbing product use estimates for 711 local market areas, 50 states and 13 sales territories.

This covers only new construction. Major, contractor-permitted remodeling projects involving professionally installed kitchen and bath fixtures can add up to 10% to the above estimated unit sales.

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Estimated Plumbing Product Unit Sales

Buffalo/Erie County, N.Y.; January through November 2003

7,352 lavatory brass kits

5,943 water closets

5,779 lavatories

3,201 tub drain kits

2,958 tub/shower surrounds

2,958 tub/shower brass kits

2,958 tub/shower in-wall valves

2,163 kitchen sinks

2,163 undersink disposals

2,163 kitchen brass/sprayer kits

1,573 pedestal sinks

1,166 2-inch shower drain kits

1,166 shower in-wall valves

1,166 garden tub deck mount valves

1,166 shower doors

1,166 shower surrounds

1,166 garden tubs