TWC The Valve Co. (Houston) has appointed Industrial Valco Inc. as a national master distributor for all Walworth valve products.

Industrial Valco will provide a complete inventory of gate, globe and check valves in cast and forged steel, bronze and iron. Iron and steel plug valves complete Industrial Valco's inventory program.

Walworth, a valve industry pioneer formed in 1842, was purchased in December 2002 by Salomon Waisburd, a prominent businessman in Mexico. Waisburd established TWC The Valve Co. in February 2003 as the sales and marketing company to promote and sell Walworth valve products in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Headquartered in Rancho Dominguez, Calif., and with seven regional locations, Industrial Valco has been serving the PVF wholesaler market for more than 50 years.

Rob Raban, president of Industrial Valco, announced that Norm Kepner has been retained to serve as director of Walworth product sales.