The Uniform Building Code, the most widely used building code in the country, can now be found online, thanks to Santa Monica, Calif.-based B-Code.

The software allows users to input information about a building and review it for code compliance, said Joel McLafferty, B-Code's CEO. Test projects show that B-Code takes architects about 30% less time to conduct a code-compliance analysis on a building compared with conventional methods, and reduces costs by about 20%.

Other features include instant comparison of alternate designs and accessibility by users at different locations.

The database-driven Web site ( is being marketed in concert with the International Conference of Building Officials. B-code will be adaptable to the forthcoming International Building Code - a merging of the UBC, the Standard Building Code and the National Building Code.

The IBC should be adopted by most states in 2002, according to Mark Johnson, ICBO director/product development.