In order to meet the increasing demand for its Genetron refrigerant products, AlliedSignal intends to double the capacity of its fluorocarbon production facility in Geismar, La.

Part of the demand is being driven by the continuing global use of refrigerant blends containing HFC-125, used primarily in commercial refrigeration and home air-conditioning applications. A combination of HFC-125 and HFC-32 developed by the company, known as AZ-20 (R410A), is used as a substitute for HFC-22 for use in home air-conditioners.

The plant produces HFC-125, HFC-134a, HCFC-123 and HCFC 124.

The expansion will take place in two phases. The first phase will increase capacity by 25% and is to be completed in the third quarter of 1999. The second phase will achieve the remaining 75% increase by the end of the 2000.