Supply House Times will become the official publication of the American Supply Association in a move that combines what was ASA News, the magazine published by ASA, into the pages of Supply House Times each month, starting in July.

The two organizations think this is an important partnership in promoting the interests of industry wholesalers, with benefits to everyone in the industry.

  • ASA sees it as an opportunity to focus its energies on what it identifies as the association's "core competencies" of education, technology and government affairs.

  • Supply House Times benefits by gaining inside access to all ASA information, programs and good will. Also, all ASA members will be added to Supply House Times' circulation.

  • ASA members benefit from affiliation with the industry's most prestigious magazine, from the elimination of redundancies, and from the ASA staff's ability to turn more resources toward its core competencies.

  • Advertisers will benefit from the standpoint of being able to consolidate their advertising budgets for greater impact.

"Business News Publishing has long enjoyed the respect of this industry as a result of its high quality magazines and the integrity of its professional staff," said ASA President Don Maloney. "The publishers have a dedication to this industry and goals that parallel those of ASA: to help in creating a vibrant and profitable industry for all of us. ASA puts its full support behind Supply House Times and will proudly promote readership of the magazine among its members, as well as support by advertisers."

Lee Steinhouse, president of the Southern Wholesalers Association and also president of Nashville, Tenn.-based Steinhouse Supply, said, "This partnership should make Supply House Times an even strong-er voice of our industry."

Working together as partners, Supply House Times and ASA will do everything within their power to make PHCP wholesalers a dominant force for progress in the industry, said Supply House Times publisher John Schrei.

"The message we have been forcefully saying to the industry since buying this publication last January is that 'Wholesalers Still Matter,'" added editor Jim Olsztynski. "Our affiliation with ASA is an extension of that belief. This is about more than a combination of publishing interests. It's a statement of confidence and faith in this great industry."

A special three-page section in each issue of Supply House Times, identified as "ASA News," will continue to provide information about the association and its programs and services, as well as timely updates about other items of interest to its members and the industry at large, ASA News publisher Inge Calderon said in a letter to ASA members.

"We will continue to rely heavily on our annual convention and the new trade show, ISH North America, to help convey industry information and invigorate the marketplace," Calderon said in the letter. "Likewise, our regional and national federation will continue to provide valuable, tailored services and programs to our members across the country."

If you have advertised in ASA News, please contact Supply House Times publisher John Schrei at 847/297-3563 or e-mail at