YORK UPG has developed a Web-based business tool -- the YORK Business Analyzer -- that offers dealers a thorough and secure analysis of their business.

Business Analyzer guides users of the Web-based tool through a secure, interactive survey that will capture organizational and financial information specific to their businesses. After this information is entered, the program acts as an analytical tool, calculating and comparing the data against a database of HVAC industry-specific metrics and ratios. Then, it generates a comprehensive "consultant's report" that calculates overhead, shows how the user's business measures up to key ratios, and identifies some specific areas of the business that are contributing to variances outside of the ratios.

Business Analyzer also offers suggestions for corrective measures dealers can implement to solve problems and direct their businesses toward desired goals and objectives. Users who seek further consultation on a specific business issue or variance have live online access to Collier Consulting, an HVAC industry consulting firm and the creators of the Business Analyzer.