A special meeting was held in Calgary to continue the development of a certification program for hydronic heating designers and installers, according to J. Richard Peck, chair of the National Hydronics Design Standard Committee. The committee, representing the Canadian hydronics industry, is responsible for the creation of the new CSA B214-01 Installation Code for Hydronic Heating Systems.

Representatives from the Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council, the Residential Hot Water Association of B.C., the Canadian Hydronics Council, British Columbia Institute of Technology and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, outlined a strategy for the development of a certification program for hydronics designers and installers. One of the initial goals of the NHDS was to ensure that hydronics industry growth is governed by a quality standard and a growing crop of well-trained professionals.

Certification will be a Canada-wide program incorporating training at technical colleges and institutes. Canadian hydronics heating sales have nearly doubled since 1997. Consumer demand for fuel efficient, environmentally friendly and comfortable radiant hydronic heating is forecast to outstrip the supply of professional trained designers and installers. The hydronics industry is committed to meeting the growing consumer demand and need for professional certification.

For more information on the CSA B214 and the Canadian Hydronics Council, visit www.ciph.com/hydronics.html, or, contact Constance Wrigley-Thomas, CIPH program manager, at 416/695-0447 or e-mail: wrigley-thomas@ciph.com.