Through substantial research and input from ASA's member constituents and the Education Foundation's Board of Trustees, four critical areas of training and education were identified, and serve as the "rudder" for the Foundation's current activities. Following is an update as to the recent ASA Education Foundation activity in these areas.

1. Product Knowledge
Developed five new CD-ROM versions of the ProductPro courses.
Upgraded ProductPro PVF CD-ROMs.
Ongoing revision of PVF book-based courses.

2. Industry Initiatives
Completed ASA Training Needs survey.
Provided $30,000 in Regional Education support.
Supported Trainer's Forum seminars at ASA conventions.

3. Workforce Excellence
Development of the "Essentials of Profitable PHCP Distribution" course.
Presentation of five "Essentials" pilot seminars.

4. Advancing Technology
Developed new website for Foundation with hundreds of valuable links.
Provided more than $100,000 in funding for educational efforts of the ASA Center for Advancing Technology.