Airtuit, a provider of wireless data software, announced a strategic partnership with TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) that will integrate both companies' technologies to create a new messaging solution.

Airtuit's BlueMoon, a middleware application server and development tool for wirelessly extending enterprise data to any mobile device over any network, will provide access to a company's data systems. The TCS integration will provide more functionality of push messaging and instant communications to employees and customers for more wireless applications.

Airtuit's BlueMoon software supports delivery of content such as company Internets, intranets, and extranets while TCS' Commercial Messaging Service enables text messages to be sent across wireless carrier networks and devices by using the recipient's phone number. TCS Commercial Messaging Service enables enterprises to offer text-messaging services in North America and abroad.

Airtuit joins the MDC Partner Program, designed for applications providers, integrators and other industry participants who plan to SMS-enable their software solutions with a minimal amount of development expense and maintenance effort. The MDC Partner Program offers participants the opportunity to generate revenue by referring or integrating TCS' hosted messaging service.