Kohler Co. has launched another manufacturing division, Kohler Mobile Plumbing Systems, which initially will produce four different types of mobile plumbing units. The division was formed in response to growing demand from governmental agencies, military, private business and consumers for transportable showering and bathroom facilities.

The new division will offer luxurious bathroom suites for upscale events and for those individuals who travel frequently; commercial bathroom/showering trailers for sporting and corporate events, concerts and festivals; industrial bathroom/showering trailers for construction sites, mining, forestry and emergency situations; and decontamination units for specialized military applications and emergency/hazardous situations.

Kohler's luxury line of executive mobile washrooms features custom-designed units that can cater to multiple users or be individually personalized. The units feature Kohler high-end fixtures and faucets, including such options as whirlpool baths, steam and waterfall showers, bidets, custom cabinets and lighting. Purchasers also can specify products from subsidiary Kohler companies such as Kallista plumbing products, Robern mirrored cabinets, Ann Sacks tile, stone and plumbing, or Canac kitchen cabinets.

The commercial units offer customized layouts with four to 20 bathroom stalls, showers, sinks, faucets and toilets and private changing areas. The accommodations are comparable to those in restaurants or hotels.

The industrial mobile bathrooms/showers share a similar configuration to the commercial units with up to 20 stalls, Kohler fixtures and faucets, and private changing areas.

The new division also offers specialized decontamination trailers designed in conjunction with the U.S. Army's Biological Task Force for civilian, rescue, industrial and military applications. Kohler decon trailers are designed with double airlocks at each end and contain three airtight, segmented rooms separated by heavy-gauge stainless steel doors. Featuring a six-step decontamination process, the units further minimize contamination with a positive flow of HEPA- and/or organic-filtered air that completely changes all of the air in the trailer every 60 seconds. Within the trailers are eyewash stations, rinsing sinks, showerheads, handshowers and bodysprays, as well as optional foaming decontamination systems. Contaminated clothing and equipment are dropped through a laundry chute and contained within exterior holding bins.

Fresh water for the mobile units is derived from a sub-floor tank that can hold up to 2,200 gallons, or by hooking up to fire hydrants or fire trucks.

The units are powered by single-phase, 10- to 25-kilowatt Kohler generators that run on diesel, natural gas or propane. Users can also hook up to a fixed supply of electricity on-site. Other options available for the mobile units include ADA accessibility, HVAC, intercoms, emergency and scene lighting, and male/female partitions.

The Mobile Plumbing Products Division evolved from Kohler's response to the events of Sept. 11, when the company assembled a cross-functional team that designed, built and delivered a 48-foot mobile shower semi-trailer to the Ground Zero clean-up site. Over the next few months, the KOHLER mobile showering unit provided more than 1,000 showers daily to firefighters, policemen, rescue workers and volunteers. Since that time, government and municipal agencies, private industries and consumers have contacted Kohler to inquire about the range of mobile bathroom and showering units available.

For more information on Kohler Mobile Plumbing Systems, visit www.KohlerMobile.com.