On June 3rd, over 80 members of the Midwest Distributors Association (MDA) and several ASA staff members attended the final summer session of the Essentials of Profitable PHCP Distribution Course. Interest in the course has grown progressively as word has spread about the benefits of teaching employees early in their careers not to confuse margin and markup, as well as the importance of cost control, the impact of price changes and discounts and several other critical concepts.

The Foundation will offer another program on October 2nd in Las Vegas during the ASA Convention and ISH-NA trade show. Registration for the class will be separate from convention registration, but will include admittance to the ISH-NA trade show and seminars. We will also offer one or more programs in the southern states this fall.

If you would like help starting the Essentials program in your own operation, contact Paul Martin at 312-464-0090 or e-mail pfmartin@asa.net.