I have had a few days to reflect on this year's ASA Supply Chain Summit (Oct. 29 - Nov. 2 in Toronto) and I feel it had the most value to me in a number of years.

In the past we had our choice of various seminars in which speakers threw words at us and we listened and hopefully absorbed some of it. In most cases there was very little interaction between speakers and the audience. While most, if not all of these speakers were knowledgeable in their fields, they were just presenters.

The Supply Chain Summit began with two speakers followed by a manufacturer/rep panel that allowed a lot of interaction with the audience. This was followed by the same format in the afternoon except the panel was made up of distributors. The final presentation by David Foot (his second ASA appearance) was both informative and entertaining.

I view ASA as a forum for distributors, manufacturers, reps and other industry people to get together to exchange ideas. By having everyone be a part of the Summit with no other activity scheduled, it allowed us to exchange ideas that are important to all of us and to be heard by everyone at the same time.

I think the format was right for our industry and I hope ASA continues with the same type of program in the future. I hope that others who did not attend this year hear about the success of the program and will make an extra effort to join us in Las Vegas next year.

Stanley Dreyfuss
Director of purchasing
SG Supply Co.
Calumet Park, Ill.
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