YORK International's ongoing deployment of its service delivery system, YORKConnect, has generated a 20% increase in service sales productivity. These revenue gains are attributed to the creation of new sales opportunities and from the consolidation of 40 call centers into one.

This consolidation was completed in January 2002 as Phase 1 of YORKConnect's three-phased implementation strategy of its customer relationship management system, which utilizes Siebel Systems business applications. It combined the district-level after-hours call centers into one individual center. This system manages more than 100,000 site accounts and 50,000 customer calls annually, and on average, each call is addressed in less than one minute.

Phase 2 of YORKConnect's strategy is also complete. It focused on the introduction of sales force automation, product and pricing configuration capabilities, job procurement applications and the creation of an online updateable service catalog.