The delegates of the Associate Member Division of the American Supply Association will be asked to approve a change in the division's name during their upcoming annual meeting in Toronto on Nov. 1. In response to feedback from some members who felt that the term "Associate" no longer fit the way in which those members felt about their involvement, the division will propose to be called "Vendor Member Division" (VMD).

"In some people's eyes the word 'Associate' implies second-class status or something less than full membership," said Dennis Broderick of In-Sink-Erator, 2002-03 chairman of the AMD. "We wanted to acknowledge that companies belonging to our Division are on an equal playing field with our distributor member counterparts, and the name change will help that impression."

Members of AMD currently comprise about 220 companies, the majority of whom are manufacturers and manufacturers reps. However, there are software vendors, related associations and others who are also members; hence the "Vendor" vs. "Manufacturer" distinction.

AMD members are represented by a 15-person Executive Council that meets twice each year. Additionally, four of these officers represent the division on the ASA board of directors. More AMD members also are involved in virtually every committee and task force currently in place.

A new "look" and "logo" for the division are in the works and will be unveiled soon.