The ASA Vendor Member Division (VMD) will launch a new program during the SWA Convention on March 18th in Boca Raton. Manufacturers and manufacturers' representatives will participate in a unique program designed to get everyone talking.

In the "Hot Topics" Roundtable program, the VMD will facilitate group discussions in 3 key areas, including:

  • Tradeshow consolidation - moderated by Ken Clark, Sunroc Corp.

  • Technology advancement - moderated by David Siegal, Hercules Chemical

  • Striking balance between retailer and wholesaler customers - moderated by David Lipkin of American Standard

These "roundtables" are designed to provide a forum whereby participants can share their thoughts and constructive ideas for industry-wide solutions. A summary of the commentary will be prepared and disseminated after the sessions.

Following the individual break-outs, Robert Vick of NIBCO will facilitate the entire group in a discussion of emerging issues of interest to manufacturers.

For more information, contact Julianne Bendel at ASA ( or call 312-464-0090).