Oasis Corp. announced its acquisition of Sunroc Corp. on Oct. 23. The two manufacturers of water dispensing products have been long-time competitors, said Oasis CEO Romaine Gilliland. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

“In addition to increasing our market share, we anticipate many advantages of the combined business,” Gilliland said in a statement. “Foremost will be the ability to enhance product innovation and improve sales and customer service, while providing a clear focus on long-term benefits for our valued customers and associates.”

The action facilitates two established manufacturers in the industry. Oasis, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with manufacturing locations worldwide and 1,000 employees, was founded in 1910 and has annual gross sales in excess of $175 million. Sunroc, based in Dover, Del., was founded in 1922, employs 300 people and has annual sales of $50 million.