Houston's PVF Roundtable has formed a Task Group to gather logos and marks of PVF manufacturers. "During the past several years, we have had monumental changes in the pipe, valves and fittings industry," stated the Roundtable in its newsletter. "Logos that identified manufacturers a few years ago no longer have any validity. These changes impact virtually every segment of our business and make it almost impossible for a reputable firm to identify material in a piping installation."

Task Force members will split into at least three distinct product groups and secure permission from manufacturers to use their logos and marks. The Task Force will then verify and compile this information and publish it in a booklet for distribution. The PVF Roundtable will then examine ways to keep the information current.

Task Force members and their company affiliations include: Ken Baird (Westlund), Dennis Fikes (ProMetals), Jim Mink (Sure Flow Equipment), Jim Glenn (Sun Belt Steel & Aluminum), Margie Dalton (IFC), Elod Papp (Fluor), Hank Litchfield (NIBCO), David Cook (Maass Flange Corp.), Doug Clendenin (Crane Valve Group), Jeff Motley (Global Stainless Supply), Bob Ryan (Welding Outlets) and Joe Roberts (Joseph T. Roberts Sales Agency).

For further information, contact PVF Roundtable secretary Tom Cameron at 713-674-0508, or e-mail: secpvf@aol.com.