A new, free dealer-identity program is available to plumbing, heating and air-conditioning tradespeople who register to become Certified Maytag Water Heater Contractor Dealers and purchase Maytag water heaters.

Contractors can contact their local State-Maytag distributors to obtain a sign-up form. The program runs through Dec. 31, 2001.

The dealer program offers registered participants an assortment of communications and training aids in the form of three different kits. A contractor qualifies for each kit by buying a specified quantity of Maytag units by year-end. Kits include caps and shirts, uniform patches, truck decals and other premiums.

The three award levels are:

Silver/Starter Level Kit: Awarded for the purchase of two Maytag units;

Gold/Intermediate Level Kit: Awarded for the purchase of 25 Maytag units; and

Platinum/Expert Level Kit: Awarded for the purchase of 60 units.

For more information, contact the company's advertising department at 800/365-8170, or visit www.stateind.com.