Accolade will be presented at NetworkASA 2009: POWER in October.

Gary Cartright

The Executive Council of ASA’s Industrial Piping Division (IPD) is pleased to announceGary Cartright, president of Piping & Equipment Inc., has been selected to receive the honor of the IPD Award of Excellence.

Mr. Cartright has devoted years of service as a volunteer leader to ASA. He spent many years on the IPD Executive Council and acted as the liaison between IPD and the PVF Roundtable during that time. In addition, Mr. Cartright has made enormous contributions to the PVF industry throughout his career and has been active in forwarding the interests of PVF distributors and manufacturers on a national level.

“Gary Cartright is one of the most impressive members of our industry,” said Pat Adams, president of MKS Pipe & Valve and chairman of IPD. “He is a true gentleman and professional in his approach to business. His actions are a constant reminder of what it means to me to be involved and to ‘give back’ to the PVF industry. Anyone who has watched him knows he is committed to this business.  We can all learn a great deal from Gary about professionalism and I am proud to be associated with him.”

The award will be presented to Mr. Cartright during the IPD Educational Forum and Breakfast on Thursday, October 15, 2009 atNetworkASA 2009in Washington, D.C.

The IPD Award of Excellence was established in 2008 to honor a member of the Industrial Piping Division for achievement specifically related to the PVF sector of the industry. Criteria for this award include a record of significant accomplishment in the PVF industry with overall influence on the current status of the channel; a history of dedicated service to IPD; an active participant in Division’s activities; a positive industry image and a positive effect on the industry in general. This award is not an annual award, but is given at the discretion of the IPD Executive Council.  The inaugural award was presented in 2008 to Timothy P. Arenberg of Columbia Pipe & Supply. 

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