Westinghouse has added a new multi-position, quiet operation air handler to competitively-priced line of mini-split heat pump systems for the U.S. and Canadian markets. The air handlers can be operated with many different types of 24V controllers. 

The modular design of the air handlers permits discharge air directly up, or horizontal to right or left. They also provide up to 0.8 inWC static pressure. A filter base/rack is available.  

The new, high efficiency air handlers are available in 24,000, 36,000, 48,000 and 60,000 BTUh sizes and are designed to accept extended refrigerant piping lengths, offering heating operation down to -13°F and come complete with a built-in base pan heater. Optional electric heat kits are available. 

To learn more, visit www.WestinghouseAC-USA.com.