Pfister, a manufacturer in the plumbing industry since 1910, is introducing “American Plumber Stories,” a docuseries that features the lives of plumbers throughout the U.S. The biweekly digital series, hosted by country music entertainer and Army veteran Craig Morgan, launches Aug. 2 at

“American Plumber Stories” aims to promote the plumbing trade to the next generation of professionals. The show highlights the stories of plumbers around the nation, including how they got started in the plumbing trade and the passion they have for their profession. These stories show how they built a career that allows them to lead financially rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Featured will be plumbers and their unique hobbies, such as car racing, kitesurfing and many other exciting stories. Each episode is entertaining, but also highlights the true opportunity the plumbing trade has to offer those who are not aiming to pursue a college education or who are unsure which career path to take. Becoming an “American Plumber” is a true alternative. By foregoing significant student loan debt and entering a career early, young plumbing professionals can build a fulfilling life for themselves and their families.

The plumbing trade has been experiencing a significant shortage of workers. The most experienced professionals are nearing retirement age and are exiting the workforce. At the same time, the number of men and women willing to learn the trade continues to decline. Today, special high school programs and vocational or trade schools are scarce for aspiring students who want a career in the trades. Compared to higher learning and the promise and perceived security of a corporate career, there is also a negative stigma attached to the plumbing profession. Academic achievement became more favorable and the idea of trade education was left behind, Pfister explained.

“Young men and women who enter the workforce early can learn the plumbing trade and make it a long-term career,” said Spencer Brown, Pfister’s director of sales, and executive producer of the docuseries. “This also allows many to establish and build their own company. The goal of ‘American Plumber Stories’ is to update the perceptions of the plumber profession in a documentary-style format. We need to engage with young people, sharing an authentic look at the plumbing trade today and real plumbers’ success stories to encourage a new workforce. The goals of ‘American Plumber Stories’ are to inspire, educate and entertain. Our hope is that the docuseries changes the image of the industry, helping to attract and recruit new talent.”

Initially, 12 episodes will be released over the course of six months, starting Aug. 2. Pfister partnered with chart-topping country music star Craig Morgan as an official brand ambassador, and he’ll also host each episode. Morgan, who wrote and performed the docuseries’ original theme song “Good Life,” embodies the values of all those who work in the trade. His integrity, family values and grit echo the ideals of the “working man” and their passion for our country, which delivers on the narrative that each one of us deserves every opportunity to achieve the American dream.