Airmaster, a manufacturer of air circulation and ventilation fan solutions, just released its ECo Mancooler air circulator, equipped with an EC (electrically commutated) low-speed motor, designed and manufactured exclusively for Airmaster. The EC motor technology features a direct drive configuration that requires no servicing, so the ECo Mancooler is maintenance-free. The ECo Mancooler’s variable speed allows users to set the preferred amount of airflow and adjust from 10 to 100 percent speed. Compared to a permanent split capacitor motor, an EC motor can be up to twice as efficient, which allows the ECo Mancooler to offer significant energy and cost savings. the company noted.

“By eliminating fan shaft, bearings, sheaves and belts, the required maintenance for the direct drive of the ECo Mancooler is zero,” said Keith Simon, senior product development manager at Airmaster. “With variable speed, low noise and significant energy savings, Airmaster’s ECo Mancooler incorporates the most desirable features of our series of Mancoolers into one product.”