Infinity Drain, the manufacturer at the forefront of architectural and decorative drains offers a solution for chemical cleaning of bathrooms in contract, hospitality and residential settings. Wet rooms can be created in any size, from small guest baths to luxury master bathrooms.

In a wet room - the drain transitions from being a shower drain to becoming a floor drain. Having a floor drain is like an insurance policy in case there is a plumbing failure on the dry side of the bathroom. The bathroom can also be sprayed down and squeegeed for cleaning. A smaller space may lend itself to including a shower enclosure with no glass partition. Or, a shower or tub could be enclosed behind the glass. For a larger bathroom, the shower and tub could be located in separate areas of the bathroom, completely barrier free. This means the space is spread out enough so that the sink or toilet will not get overspray from the shower head.

In a wet room, all floors and walls are waterproofed and tiled so that they can efficiently shed moisture. Floors are sloped, and all water exits the wet room through a high-performing linear drain or center drain.

Infinity Drain.