Crushproof Tubing — a manufacturer of high-grade rubber products used in the military, aftermarket automotive and breathing markets — announced that its Simple Drain product has received a Certificate of Listing to the IGC-361 Standard from the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) for its patented, game-changing p-trap alternative, the company notes. Simple Drain can be used in new construction applications as well as DIY replacement work.

Simple Drain meets the IAPMO IGC-361 Standard and is not only an alternative to traditional PVC, but is a drastic improvement due to easy installation, self-gasketing, self-plunging and antimicrobial characteristics, the company says.

“Simple drain resists biofilm unlike traditional trap assemblies, thus reducing the probability of infectious bacteria build up in or before the trap,” said Todd Grayson, inventor and Partner at Crushproof Tubing.  “Simple Drain is also a green product, as there is no longer a need for Drain Cleaner. Since it is self-plunging, all that is needed to clear a clog is to follow the easy self-plunging instructions.”

Simple Drain.