The unique combination of General Pipe Cleaners’ popular, portable JM-1000 Mini-Jet and new, high performance stainless steel braid jet hose offers superb drain cleaning power and performance in a small package, the company noted.

Now the competitively priced JM-1000 Mini-Jet is available with stainless steel braid/Teflon core hoses in a variety of lengths. The durable hose is also optimized for its big brother, the powerful JM-1450 electric jet. 

Clear grease, sand and ice from small lines, sinks and laundry drains with high-pressure, wall-to-wall water spray. Stainless steel braid hose boosts the performance of General’s trim, lightweight JM-1000. 

The pioneering JM-1000 packs 1500 psi of cleaning power in a compact package, yet weighs only 23 lbs. Carry it right to troubles — no wheels required! Its rugged diamond plate metal case safely shields the pump and motor assembly from common job-site abuse. 

General’s tough stainless steel braid hose design smoothly slides the jet nozzle down 1-1/2” to 3” drain lines — and more easily navigates tight bends. The 3/16” Teflon core also reduces flow resistance, further improving small line cleaning power. 

The standard JM-1000 package sports a 4-piece nozzle set, water supply hose, shut-off valve and universal faucet adapter. Safety features include a 3-wire Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. And a variety of accessories, like an optional spray wand, are available. 

See General’s water jetters in action at, or contact the Drain Brains at General at 800-245-6200 or 412-771-6300 for more information.