As part of their commitment to drive sales, select Winsupply showroom locations have reached an agreement with the Luxury Products Group decorative showroom buying group, the two companies announced.

From the beginning, Winsupply has embraced a philosophy based on helping capable, hard-working people achieve their dreams. They do this by enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to own and operate their own wholesale distribution businesses. Winsupply refers to this as “The Spirit of Opportunity,” and it is a motivating factor when it comes to every business decision, LPG explained.

LPG is dedicated to helping its member showrooms improve the luxury experience for its customers. Jeff MacDowell, executive director, noted, “The mission of LPG is to provide our members a competitive advantage financially and professionally, with select products that define luxury in their marketplace. We also want to provide a solid partnership that is equally advantageous to our suppliers. There is an amazing comfort level that LPG members have in discussing ideas and practices with each other. It’s a powerful thing in business when you can learn from your peers and vendors around the country.”

“We are looking forward to the resources and products provided through Luxury Products Group for our showrooms,” said Amy Souders, marketing manager, plumbing – finished goods, for Winsupply. “We believe our showrooms will also benefit from the sharing of expertise among LPG members.”

MacDowell added: “LPG supports independent showrooms and since Winsupply locations operate under independent ownership, we believe they will be a very good fit for LPG. I am excited to meet with and work with the Winsupply team. Everyone is engaged and excited to learn more.  This will be a game-changer for both organizations!” 

"Given the longstanding relationship between IMARK electric with Winsupply, I am thrilled to deepen the relationship by adding LPG to the portfolio," said Bob Smith, president of IMARK group.

LPG, created in 2009 by members of Omni Corporate Services, will assist these Winsupply locations by improving their financial performance with rebates, providing greater marketing capabilities, developing training plans and sharing best practices. The Winsupply showroom teams will benefit from the enhanced training, marketing and networking opportunities provided by LPG.

Winsupply has nearly 600 wholesaling locations in 45 states.