The new 5’ by 7/8” 5R-10 Force Multiplier sectional cable from General Pipe Cleaners helps users quickly and cleanly use sectional drain cleaners in confined and hard-to-access areas, the company notes. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, basements and roofs. Operators keep the shorter 5’ cable length under better control, reducing the risks of spraying walls, floors, carpets and cabinets with exposed wet, spinning 15’ cables. The company adds its short sectional design fits perfectly on 6’ drop cloths without hanging over. The 5R-10 is completely compatible with General’s Root 66 and I-95 sectional drain cleaners. Both can easily clear obstructions in 2” to 4” lines up to 150’ long, General Pipe Cleaners points out.

General Pipe Cleaners.