Wieland-Kessler announces the launch of its newly updated website at www.wieland-kessler.com.

The new website provides easy access to the company’s entire sales team by state for both its in-house pipe and tubing team and its network of manufacturers sales rep agencies that serve the fittings and valve portion of the company’s offering.

The new website also contains product information, including MTRs and list price sheets.

Wieland-Kessler also is pleased to announce the addition of two new manufacturers rep agencies in the southeast. JL Brasher Co., will cover North and South Carolina and W.R. Bristow will cover Georgia and Tennessee. Both agencies will be representing Wieland-Kessler’s fittings and valve offering which includes copper press, copper wrot, copper push, lead-free brass fittings and nipples, black and galvanized malleable fittings and nipples, lead-free brass and plastic PEX fittings, along with an assortment of ball valves, gate valves and stop valves.

For more information, contact info@wieland-kessler.com.